New Installation & Upgrades

New Installation & Upgrades

Furnace Cleaning near Bridgton, Maine

At Boos Heating, we have the ability to replace or repair your tired furnace, but sometimes the cost of repair is so great that a new system is a better choice. We will be with you every step of the way helping you choose what is best in each circumstance. It's nice to know you have an expert on your side!

We will only recommend a new system when your existing system is not salvageable or the cost of the repair makes it not worth saving. You will absolutely love the new system we install.

Choose Your Heater

Since we are fully-licensed for oil, propane and natural gas heating systems, we can properly install any new system you would like. Our staff will effectively explain each of your options and recommend the best model for your application.

An oil heater, or a column heater, is a common form of a convection heater. Typically used in domestic heating, this model is filled with oil but it is powered electrically. It does not involve the burning of any oil fuel because the oil is used as a buffer or heat reservoir. 

Propane is another fuel for heaters because when it is burned, a heat is produced and generated. This type of heater requires cleaning from a professional.

A furnace is used for high temperature heating and it is also known as a boiler or heater. The energy supplied to fuel a heater is fuel combustion. This combustion may be through induction and induction heating. 

Furnace Repair Bridgton, ME
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